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  Flying S Aussie Family

Tracy Fletcher


Flying S Aussies

I can't express enough how smart Fancy (Mary) is and how sweet Laurie is also. I would recommend Flying S Aussies to anyone whose wanting a loving, smart and precious furbaby. I would give over a 10 if possible. Thanks so much Laurie for trusting me with one of your fur babies.

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Debra Roy


Flying S Aussies


First I want to say that Laura you have been a pleasure to work with and talk to. In this crazy world we are dealing with right now,you and your husband are the nicest , kindest people. Our newest addition Thack aka Oakley is so smart . The things this little guy has learned in 1 week amazes me. I only wish you were closer. There are so many people that would love one of these fur babies . Thank you for trusting us to love this little man . Stay tuned we will send pictures often and post updates . Keep up the great work .

John Daly


Flying S Aussies


 So happy with my puppy I got from Flying S, I'm actually thoroughly impressed with what I paid for. I'm really grateful that I found and worked with this breeder (Laurie) - my puppy Billy is healthy, happy, chipped, vaccinated, has high quality genes, and is just a really solid dog. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a mini aussie!

Ben & Amanda Dawson

Amanda Dawson


Flying S Aussies

December 24, 2020

Laurie is so dedicated to making sure all the pups and their parents have the best care, she is fun and sweet too. Dawsey Ann (Sarah) was spoiled with love when she got to my house, and we have continued to spoil her also. Dawsey is learning so fast, she is crate trained and was fetching within a couple of days of being at our home. We love her sooo much, thank you Flying S Aussies for trusting us with your sweet, smart fur baby!!!

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Aaron & Monica Marquez
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Hunter & Chelsey Hart

Leigh Moore Baggett


Flying S Aussies

.  · 

I wanted to thank you for this dream of a puppy you brought me. Her condition is superb! Her temperament is more than I could have asked for. The last few pups I have gotten were in poor condition to put it mildly and never look as good as Pearl or the pups I raise. As a breeder my pups are always sent out in great condition which costs money and a tremendous amount of time and effort. I would have paid more for a puppy of Pearl’s quality. Keep up the good work! I would like to be on a list for a future puppy from you and I will send others your way. Thank you again!


Karen Walton


Flying S Aussies


August 27 at 3:47 PM  · 

we loved seeing pictures and videos of the puppy we bought

Theresa Faye Flahardy


Flying S Aussies



Laurie was a pleasure to work with! She offered to meet me halfway to pick up my babygirl which saved so much time especially having my two little boys with me. I couldn’t be happier that Laurie chose me to love this sweet beautiful girl forever! As you can see, we love Novalee so much! She’s the sweetest loving pup & so smart! Everything I’ve ever wanted in an Aussie! I highly recommend Laurie & so proud of the quality pups she has! Novalee was well raised, trained & loved before she came to me at 8 weeks! Can’t thank you enough for my babygirl!

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Kay Shrum - Kieria.JPG

Kay Shrum

Tracie Pearson - Maizie.jpg

Tracie Pearson

Tracey and Dayna - Oakley.jpg

Tracey and Dayna

Cheyann Parr

Outlaw Aussies & Doxies

 is in 

Colon, Nebraska

March 4, 2021   Instagram


Cats outta the bag so here is little Miss

Flying S

Matties got that True Grit @ Outlaw • This girl hit the ground running (literally) and probably the most social Aussie pup I’ve ever met and she only slows down to crash or watch a cow She’s already made one trip to the farm! Thanks Flying S, we love her!

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Michelle Toberer

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Whitney Roberts

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Charlene Rask

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